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We are actively buying qualified excess starter generator related inventory and cores from all manufacturers and in all conditions, including BER. You can email or complete our convenient online form with your list of available units and convert your slow-moving inventory into usable cash today. Please include traceability, condition, reason for removal and tag information where applicable.

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  • Trying to hit your sales goal?
  • Stumbling over unwanted parts?
  • OEM pushouts, excess, inactive or cancellations?
  • Need to reduce inventory value before years end?
  • Fleet reduction - Downsizing flight department?
  • Redundant inventory after consolidation?
  • Need cash now?
  • Just cleaning house?









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Manufacturers Include

CAGE Manufacturer
32970 Aircraft Parts Corp. (Skurka Aerospace)
31435 Goodrich Corporation (TRW Lucas - Lear Siegler)
K4358 Goodrich Control Systems UK (Lucas UK)
83298 Allied Signal Bendix EPD - Eatontown
64547 Honeywell Aerospace
07639 Smiths Industries Aerospace
30221 General Electric / Leland
F0296 Thales AES (formerly Auxilec, Inc.)

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