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Starter Generator OEMs

OEM - Manufacturer / Brand Legacy
Ametek Advanced Industries
Advanced Industries
Astronics, Inc.
Honeywell Aerospace
Allied Signal - Bendix EPD
Labinal Power Systems
Safran Power - Goodrich Power Systems
TRW Aeronautical - Lucas Aerospace
Lucas Rotax - Lear Siegler
Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.
Licensee of Legacy Products - IE: Honeywell
Allied Signal - Bendix EPD
Skurka Aerospace
Unison APC - Aircraft Parts Corp - APC
GE Aviation
Smith Industries Aerospace - Leland Electrosystems
General Electric
Thales Avionics, Inc.
Thales AES - Auxilec
Zodiac Aerospace
IPS - Innovative Power Solutions
Thales AES Data Sheet Skurka Aerospace Data Sheet Safran Electrical and Power Data Sheet

* Notes
Generally covering civil use light/medium turbine powered fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
150-400 Amp DC starter generator applications
Projections are estimated and approximate - subject to change.

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