Purchase Policy / Qualified Inventory

New / OH Parts
All items must be new, genuine, and qualify as "F.A.A. Approved Parts", as defined by U.S. DOT/FAA AC 20-62D, or latest revision and/or FAR21.303 / 21.305. In the case of used, serviceable, repaired, and overhauled items, compliance with FAR part 43/JAR 145/EASA 145 and proper F.A.A. Maintenance Release/Serviceable (FAA8130-3/EASA Form 1/JAA Form 1) tags are required. An industry acceptable material certification (certificate of conformance) indicating traceability to F.A.A. approved source/manufacturing procedure must accompany goods shipped. Seller warrants that title to subject material is free and clear of any liens and encumbrances.

Cores (as removed)
All cores (as removed units), are purchased subject to verification that cores meet "standard" criteria for overhaul. "Standard", meaning economically repairable, with no replacement necessary of major component parts. Cores must be normal removal and not subjects of severe stress or heat as in major engine failure, accident, fire, water submersion, cannibalization, inept repair or any other abnormal condition. Seller warrants that title to cores mentioned herein, is free and clear of any liens and encumbrances.

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