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Profile is a leading independent global stocking distributor specialized in 'off the shelf' starter generator solutions for light to medium turbine powered fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. World renowned for our comprehensive shippable inventory of Aircraft Parts Corp. (APC, Skurka Aerospace) LRU's,® has expanded inventory support capabilities to include manufacturers including Safran (Goodrich) and others. As a constant buyer and market maker of starter generator inventory,® has become a conduit through which aircraft starter generators of all makes and models flow back and forth between buyers and sellers worldwide. LRU inventory covers popular turboprop, turbojet and turbine helicopter platforms for business aviation, general aviation and helicopter markets. We also exclusively market and distribute expendable FAA-PMA replacement parts that deliver value-added solutions to the starter generator MRO aftermarket. Key initiatives are driven by an aftermarket-leading organic search engine relevance for most popular starter generator part numbers and related sub-components. Niche brand and website are scalable for product expansion and e-commerce opportunities. Furthermore,® is recognized and trusted by loyal customers in fifty-five countries worldwide.

Aeroval is a U.S. registered trademark of Aeroval, Inc. is a U.S.registered trademark of Aeroval, Inc.

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Aeroval, Inc. dba

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7 Switchbud Place, Suite 192-750
The Woodlands, Texas 77380

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Contact: Garrett W. Schwarz

DUNS:79-467-7740Incorporated:1992 Texas

Stockist Of

CAGE Manufacturer
32970 Aircraft Parts Corp. (Skurka Aerospace)
31435 Goodrich Corporation (TRW Lucas - Lear Siegler)
K4358 Goodrich Control Systems UK (Lucas UK)
83298 Allied Signal Bendix EPD - Eatontown
64547 Honeywell Aerospace
07639 Smiths Industries Aerospace
30221 General Electric / Leland
F0296 Thales AES (formerly Auxilec, Inc.)


General Aviation Turboprop
Corporate / Business Aviation
Commuter / Regional Turboprop
Turbine Helicopter

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