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Request for Quote maintains a comprehensive inventory of new and overhauled aircraft starter generators for a variety of fixed wing and helicopter applications. Globally recognized for our broad selection of Aircraft Parts Corp. (APC-Skurka Aerospace) LRU's, has expanded support capabilities to include additional manufacturers, including Goodrich (Lucas). We continue to transition and widen our inventory toward a more inclusive listing of part numbers and suppliers. exchange program LRU's are overhauled and certified by highly respected FAA/EASA approved MRO facilities including but not limited to the OEM. Maintenance release and certification documentation for overhauled units include FAA8130-3 tag with EASA145 release. Factory new units include traceability to OEM and OEM FAA8130-3 or EASA Form 1, depending on manufacturer. We offer several purchase options including flat rate - no bill back exchange, outright sale and trade-in.

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